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  152 Double R Lane
  Tionesta, PA 16353

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Double R Campground Rules & Regulations
  1. Quiet Time is 11:00 p.m. To 8:00 a.m. Daily. Please be considerate of your camping neighbors.
  2. Lights: Please do not use more than 2 strings of lights per site. Please turn off lights before turning in for the night or leaving campground. All bright outside lights need to be turned off at 11:00 p.m.
  3. Air-Conditioning: Help keep the Campground Rates from increasing...Run your A/C only when necessary. Thank you.
  4. Electric Plugs: Plugs should be pulled when not camping. No one can rely on service when not here. Power outages happen & plugs may get pulled. We recommend everyone take their food home to prevent a loss.
  5. Children: Parents are responsible for children at all times. Please do not leave children unattended.
  6. Smoking is allowed at your campsite – but not on other Campground property.
  7. Pets are permitted at site (Dogs only). And can be walked on Campground with a leash. Please clean up after your pet. Do not leave animals unattended.
  8. Water Usage: Washing of cars and RV’s is prohibited.
  9. Firearms & Fireworks are strictly prohibited for the safety of all campers.
  10. Insurance & Theft: We do check the campground for safety purposes, but we are not responsible in the case of theft of RV or contents thereof; nor for any damage caused by natural causes (i.e., Tree falling); nor for spoilage of refrigerator / freezer foods due to loss of electricity. All activities in the campground are done at the individual’s free will and Double R Campground will not be responsible for injury to campers and guests.
  11. Insurance for yourself: We recommend that each seasonal camper purchase their own individual insurance, as Double R Campground is not responsible for any damage caused by natural disasters, negligence, theft, or loss of electricity.
  12. Campsite Agreement & Subletting: Your seasonal agreement is for a One-Family and/or Individual person per unit site. This agreement DOES NOT entitle any other individuals use of your camping site. If you are not using your site, no one else is permitted to use your site or camping unit unless they are paying the regular rate to stay.

Our 2024 Seasonal Rate is $900.00 for the regular camping season, from May 1st until September 30th. This is for a normal camping season which consists of enjoying your place on the weekends (Thursday-Sunday). Or, if you work on the weekends, you can use 2 days through the week. If you need more time than that to camp (Monday-Wednesdays), camping is available for $1500 for the season.

Additions to the Standard Seasonal Rate:

  Winter use: ($150.00 more for up to 10 days, $15.00 a day after that) The regular camping season ends September 30th. For winter use (hunting season) October-December, you can pay an additional $150.00 for up to 10 days of camping, and $15.00 per day additional for anything beyond 10 days.

BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL to your neighbors. After all – We're all here to have fun at camp.

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